Why Mess Is Such a Trigger

Our brains love order. 

Science proves that our surroundings have a major impact on our mood. Including our stress levels. Everything from lighting to smells, even noise, and the temperature contribute to our mood. 

It makes sense that being surrounded by order or organization gives us a sense of control. For some of us, this is why being in a messy environment is a major trigger for us. 

We don’t feel like we are in control. 

Get ready to rock your world and your mind. 

When stuff is everywhere, there is no order. Hell, we can’t even find the stuff we are looking for half the time. 

For me, if I have clothes, papers, toys, you name it, just laying around or to be honest piling up, that is a signal to me that I am failing. 

That is the ever taunting list of things that still need to be done. 

Who wants to constantly be reminded that they still have stuff or tasks to do? Apparently a lot of us. Otherwise, our houses would be more organized. 

Here is what happens when I see a pile of mess. Again we can be talking paper, clothes, toys, dishes, books, etc. 

Overwhelm- I get so overwhelmed, I have no clue where to start. Much less how to start. 

Clothes scattered all over the floor

I am being serious. Here is one instance that recently happened to me? 

It was time to clean the house. 

Do I start putting books away, first? 

Sure that sounds like a good idea. 

Grab books, walk to the bookshelf. 

Arrive at said bookshelf only to see there is no room for MORE books.


Well, shit! Now what? 

I know, I need to get rid of some books. But which books? How many books? You know what, this task is taking longer than I have today. Let’s do this task another day. 

Guess what, another day never comes.  

I hear ya, you are saying overwhelm doesn’t bother you. How about anxiety? Overstimulation? Guilt and/or Shame? 

If you can realize that the mess is controlling you. You now have the opportunity to regain control.  

Imagine how different your life would look. 

No more wondering where do I begin? How do I begin? 

The ability to sit down and relax after dinner. 

No more of the constant reminder of tasks left undone. 

When we allow clutter to control our lives everything is more difficult. Daily living is hard enough without the added pressure. 

Start today taking baby steps to remove items inside your home that bring clutter to your life.

 Over time, you will start to see a change in the way your house feels and looks. And that my friend is priceless. 

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