Do you perform for applause?

Are you living your life performing for other people's applause?

Or are you living life on your terms? 

An easy way to discover that answer is to pay attention to whether you are looking to the outside world for approval of your behavior, choices, and/or life. 

Are you seeking approval? Appreciation? Validation? Acceptance? Or confirmation? 

No matter your answer, rest assured that the more you fix your mind in what others think the further you go down the wrong path. 

At first the fame and glory from the outside may appear nice, but you are not living up to your fullest potential or desires. And the moment you begin to tap into the women you are supposed to be you will begin a journey on a lonely path trying to find your way back to yourself.

One day the applause will stop. 

People may even call you names. Talk about you behind your back. Question every move you make. Hang on - You will get through it and come out a stronger woman.

Turn inward and find your confidence on the inside. I promise you are the only that can bring it to the surface. 

In the end, your applause is the only clapping that matters. Make sure you are being true and honest to yourself.  
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