Take One Distraction Away

We all have the same number of hours in a day. But have you ever catalogued how you spend your time?

Scrolling through Pinterest, checking social media, or mindlessly watching news updates and talk shows— these are the time bandits that will steal your future. Not only that, but overloading your schedule with deadlines and meetings . . . overcommitting to your local hobby club . . . extra errands on the school run . . . that’s a recipe for overwhelm.

This hectic pace not only adds stress to our lives, it keeps us from focusing on the one major goal that will vastly improve our lives.

Well, today, I want to propose something revolutionary: instead of adding one thing to your

day, take something away.

Focus on what you need to do versus what you want to do. Become a laser beam, not a flashlight. Consider instead what your life would look like if you unplugged more, volunteered less, and simply said “no.” You’d be free to focus your time and energy— like a laser-beam—on the one thing that would deliver the dream lifestyle you really want.

As 2021 begins, you have a unique opportunity to create an amazing future

The key is to stay focused on getting it.

And “staying focused” is a major part of what coaching can help you do. As a Certified Oola Life Coach, it would be my honor to work with you to achieve a major breakthrough goal that would amplify every area of your life.

It only takes 10 weeks to make massive progress. In fact, I’ve teamed up with my favorite human potential experts—Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World—to deliver a 10-week coaching program designed to help you get your own OolaLife.

Message me and we can jump on a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss it.

Or check out the 10-week Oola Coaching Program here for details. Let’s work together to make it happen for you in 2021.

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