Ending A Friendship

Relationships are a two-way street. That includes all types of relationships. Marriages, relationships with parents. Relationship with siblings. Or a relationship with friends. 

It takes both parties working together in order for a relationship to work. If you are the only person in the relationship constantly working towards making this relationship work. It is possible the other person doesn't value this friendship in the same manner that you value the friendship.

And that is perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with the other person not having the same level of dedication to the relationship as you.

But at the same time you yourself need to recognize that. Quit trying to force a friendship that is over. In the long run all it really does is hurt you, yourself esteem, your mindset, and yourself worth.

If you are always the one making the first move I would suggest checking the commitment level of the other party. Now if it's a season that's another deal all together because we all have our ups and downs. 

But if you've been the lead for an extended period of time maybe it's time for you to start putting that energy into other friends. Friends who will give you the same amount of energy back. 

Grieving a friendship is hard. It makes you reflect on yourself wondering what you could have done better to keep it from falling apart. However it was probably just a friendship that was meant to be for a season. 

Your time with this person is done and now it's time to move on. People in your life come and go. Some stick around and some don't. But you have to quit holding on to the ones that aren't loving you back. 

I know that that is hard. It is especially difficult if you opened up, trusted them and let them into your inner circle. Only to have them move on like you never existed. Those emotions and feelings are hard. You probably feel overly violated and neglected.

But here's the thing…

As long as you continue to put energy into that relationship that is not going anywhere you lose the opportunity to be in a relationship/friendship with people who value you. 

And trust me your circle of close friends doesn’t need to be big. In all honesty the smaller you can keep that circle the better off you are. 

So grieve that loss. Process those emotions. Allow those negative feelings to leave. 

Because girlfriend you are worth so much more than being neglected.

You are worthy of a friendship from people who will reach out to you.

You are worthy of people who will make time to go sit for 3 hours and have lunch with you. Okay, maybe not 3 hours but hey you get the picture.

You are worthy of a celebration when something good happens in your life.

Quit letting people walk all over you. 

Stand up for what you need. 

Now go out there and find the people who can respect and love you enough to pay you some attention.

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