Messy House Messy Thoughts

Do you feel like your mind is always running in 100 different directions? Ya know the moment you can not even finish one thought before the next thought starts pulling you in another direction. 

That was a daily occurrence for me for many years. 

My thoughts were causing a traffic jam in my mind. As if things weren’t crazy enough.  

One day as I sat still trying to figure out what to do and how to make that chaos stop. It was at the moment that it occurred to me that my surroundings were contributing to my personal chaos. 

Our brain loves order and structure. 

When things are in order or organized it gives us a sense of control. 

In my personal experience when my environment is a mess, my mind is even messier. If I allow my working area or house to get cluttered it is hard to stay focused. And I  easily become overwhelmed which then provokes anxiety. 

Let’s define the environment. Environment can mean your house, your car, your workspace, your desk, your purse. Literally anywhere. 

Therefore when your environment or surroundings are disorganized or messy usually your brain follows. 

Please hear me here, I am not speaking of your house looking like a staged Pinterest photo. Honestly, do people really live like that?

What I am referring to is an environment where you can walk from one room to another, without tripping over junk on the floor. Barely making it to your destination without having any near-death experiences.  

If you are searching for a way to grab a hold of your mind, start with your environment.  

Taking control of your environment doesn’t need to be dramatic. 

Without thinking about the items, quickly walk through your house. Remove the things that have no purpose. 

Girl, get rid of the things that are collecting dust. These items aren’t adding fulfillment to your life, only distractions. 

Let’s get your house in order and remove some clutter. Lighten your burden. It will feel so good. 

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