Love Your Body, Mama

Your body is an amazing machine. 

If you sit back and think about all the functions that are happening at any given time, I don’t see how you can’t be mesmerized. 

But over time our body changes. If we aren’t careful we can go down a slippery slope of not caring for ourselves. Once we start slipping it is even hard to hold on. 

Our thoughts determine how we feel and what we think of ourselves. So if your eyes aren’t happy with what you see in the mirror neither will your mind. 

You have to learn to slow down and chill. Make yourself a priority. Do something for you. Exercise for you. Make your doctor’s appointment. 

Quote- Your Only Limit Is You

No one else is going to take care of your body. This task is all on you, babe!

Several things happen when you don’t take care of yourself. 

First, your body is constantly pumping cortisol. And this is not good. Cortisol pumping continually wreaks havoc on our bodies. 

Second, you are showing your children and spouse that your needs don’t matter. 


Yep, your children are watching you. Even if they act like they aren't. 

And if you don't care about yourself, no one else will either. Set the stage. More importantly, when your children become parents they will model what you taught them. Good, bad, or ugly, they will follow with what they know.  Teach your family they are worthy, loved, and valuable, by allowing them to watch you grow as a human. 

You are their role model. No, pressure there, well... maybe a little. 

It is your job to show them it is perfectly acceptable to exercise and what to look and feel good. Hell, ask them to join you. Teach them that it is healthy to have some time away. Teach them to require some alone time with their spouse. Show them you value that relationship. Let them know going out and having fun with friends is completely acceptable. 

Alright mama, we have determined that we want all that for our children. Now you need to set those actions in motion. 

What are you going to do or yourself today?

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