My Takeaways From The Beach
There are two types of people in the world.

1) can't enjoy what is right in front of them for fear of what others think.
2) you spend all your time making that "perfect" video or picture to impress other people, who don't care. You miss out on all the fun.

In the past, I would have NEVER gotten out on the beach to try waterboarding or water surfing. Heck, I don't even know what it is called. 

Me trying to stand surf on a boogie boardWhat is this called?

Somewhat from the sheer embarrassment of how my body looks. (Thanks world for that body shame) And partially because I didn't want to fail or fall. Either one would be bad AND hurt quite honestly.

Me busting my butt. The boogie board was to fast for me.Well, I almost made it. Just a few seconds late

But there comes a time in our life where we decide we really don't give a f@%k about what others think anymore. Honestly, I don't know when or how we gave the control away, but friend I am taking my control back.

I decided I want to have all the fun. I decided to no longer be the beach bum sitting on the sidelines due to fear or shame. I decided I want to make the memories and laughs. I decided to be in the moment. And you can too. You just have to do it, even though you are scared and don't really want it. 

my boy ready to catch me if I fail. Just kidding, he was waiting to push me. My boy ready to catch me if I fall -Just kidding he was getting ready to push me. 

Your happiness is on the other side of fear. 

As an added bonus, if my girls can see me confident and happy in myself then hopefully this empowers them to stay positive about who they are. 

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See ya on the other side 
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