How many people are feeling a little Guilt right now? 

I will admit I have a little bit of survivors guilt going on. 

Guilt an emotion that many will not acknowledge knowing. Right now I am overwhelmed with Guilt. 

Guilt for being mad or annoyed that my children are getting on my ever-loving nerves. When there are people who are desperately seeking to have children. 

Guilt for wanting some quiet time. Time alone for me to process everything that I am feeling. When there are people who have literally no one else around to help fill the void of these “safer at home” days. 

Guilt for having a child in my face nearly every second of the day. When all I want or need is some downtime. A little time where I can do things that bring me joy. When there are people who would love to have just one more interaction with a lost child. 

Guilt for having to cook yet another meal. Did I not just feed you 30 minutes ago? When there are people who have no clue when and where their next meal is coming from.

Guilt for yelling at my children for not cleaning up after themselves. When there are people who wish they had someone to take care of. Even for just one day. 

Guilt for complaining/whining that I want to leave my house. When hundreds of people just lost their houses. Not to mention everything inside. 

Guilt can be a nasty thing. But just because one feels this emotion doesn’t make us a bad person. 

We all process feelings and emotions in different manners. Harboring emotions and the effect they have on the body and mind fascinates me. The study of emotions is totally cool and frightening at the same time. 

The most important thing I have learned, is we have to deal with our feelings/emotions. We can’t continue to live our life stuffing all our feelings down so deep that we can’t feel. The feelings aren’t going to go away. The feelings may subside for some time, but trust they will come back. Usually stronger than before. 

As a matter of fact, if we ignore an emotion too long our body develops symptoms. The symptoms we endure are meant to help signal us to deal with the emotion.  

In order for us to move forward, we must first acknowledge the emotion and call it what it is. This is not an easy step, but the most freeing. 

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