Are you feeling disconnected from your teen?
Do you want your teen to grow up thinking they have to hustle through life to feel valuable? 
👉 Live a life stressed out to the max 
👉 Have no clue how to take care of their mental and emotional health? 
👉 To live paycheck to paycheck, always worried about finances? 
👉 To stay in relationships that break them down instead of building them up?  
The cycle has to stop somewhere. 

As parents, we always want better for our children, and this course will teach them how to live a life of less stress and more enjoyment. 

Your teen will learn life skills they can use for school, future jobs, and improved relationships with friends and family.

It's a simple framework that can be used anytime and anywhere

Dreams In Action 

👉 Learn about Budgeting 
👉 Managing Schoolwork 
👉 Recognizing Family Time 
👉 Creating Bucket Lists for fun 
👉 Healthy Relationships with friends and significant others 

Some alarming stats on teens...

👉 Teens 13-18 use screen time on average of 7 hours 22 minutes per day
👉 7 out of 10 girls don't believe they are good enough. 
👉 7 out of 10 teens aren't getting enough sleep 
👉 68% of teens feel like no one understands them

You're in the right place!

 Teens are searching for ways to belong. Let me help reinforce how special they really are.  
Imagine your teen knowing

👉 How to set SMART goals 
👉 How to budget/spend money
👉 Having tools to unwind and protect their emotional and mental health
👉 Having healthy relationships with friends and family.

All of this is now possible

Are you ready for your teen to experience less stress & more happiness?

Teens spend so much time on their phones and are isolated. This is dangerous for their mental and emotional health. The demands of school, work, sports, social circles, and the church can be overwhelming. Not to mention all the talk about colleges and careers.

This program will help your teen 
👉 navigate their lives
👉 dictate their schedules
👉  help them determine where their focus needs to go.

 In order to achieve the goals and dreams they desire. 

You can figure this out on your own. 
But how often does your teen listen to you when you give advice or guidance? 

I am the navigator or guide. I will not replace your role as their parent. I will simply guide them in the direction of a less stressful more fulfilled life. 

I know as their parent you are overwhelmed. You see where your teen is headed. 
👉added stress
👉 sleepless nights
👉 odd eating habits
👉 skin breakouts or skin disorders
👉 pressure to be better
👉 run faster
👉 jump higher
👉 earn more
👉 and get better grades.   

Let's work together and get this problem solved

All you need to do is decide if you want your teen and me to work together for 3 weeks or 10 weeks--it's as simple as that 

Dreams in Action 
Your teen will explore all 7 F's in life that you need to in order to help live a life of less stress and more action.  
👉 Discover where you are
👉  Where do you want to go 
👉 Create a path to get you there

Here's what you'll find inside Dreams For Action 

3 Day or 3 Week Program


The 3-day/week program is great if you are short on time. 

In order to change anything, you have to know where you are first. That is the main objective of the 3-day/week intensive. 

Inside the 3 Day/week program
👉 Complete a  balance wheel to show you where you are out of balance
👉 Make a plan. 
👉 Find their path. 

10 Week Program


With the 10-week session, we have more time to dive into all the sections. Most clients see more success with doing the 10-week session. 

You don't have to stay where you are. You can live your life by design, not by default. 

Includes in the 10-week program 
👉 Will do a balance wheel 
👉 Make a plan to take action 
👉 Find your path. 
👉 Learn about all 7 F's
👉 Learn about Blockers 
👉 Learn about Accelerators
👉 A 30-minute zoom call every week. 

1:1 Coaching 


This program is great for the people who need a little more attention. 

This program will follow the same format as the 10-week.  With the exception of 1 hour-long Zoom calls instead of 30 minutes

Includes in the 10-week program 
👉 We will do a balance wheel 
👉 Make a plan to take action
👉 Find  your path 
👉 Learn about all 7 F's
👉 Learn what Blockers are 
👉 Learn what Accelerators are
👉 Hour-long Zoom calls every week 
*Scholarships Available

Got Questions Before You Get Started?

We've got answers!

Will I know what my teen is working on? 
Most definitely. Every week I will send you an email outlining what your teen and I will be learning that week.

Will you tell me what you and my teen discussed? 
Not usually. I want your teen to feel comfortable and safe expressing their ideas and thoughts in session. However, if there is ever a time I feel that their life is in danger, I will reach out. I would also suggest that use the email that I send out to you every week to ask open-ended questions so your teen feels confident in sharing their goals and dreams with you. 

 Do you offer payment plans? 
Please reach out to me and we can figure something out. I will do everything in my power to make this available to everyone. 

 How do I apply for a scholarship? 
Please reach out to me with the subject line Scholarship.  

Do you offer any other options for teens? 
This I have some 1:1 programs that I have created for other teens that I work with. Please reach out to me and we can see if I have something for your teen. 

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