Everyone Thinks You Have the Dream Life
But behind closed doors...
this is what they aren't seeing. 
  • You canceling plans at the last minute 
  • You feel like a panic attack could happen at any moment
  • Your doctors tell you, you are fine. You are just aging
  • You are too tired to play  with your kids 
  • You just want to sleep all the time
  • You yell at your children more than you care to admit
  • You secretly, want to run away
  • You can't remember the last time you had sex
  • You feel like you are living with a roommate, not your soulmate
I have been there
Constant Meltdown mode 
in your 40s, isn't as cute as when you were a toddler
My situation got so bad, that I didn't want to be around anyone. Everything and everyone was sending me over the edge.

That is when I discovered emotional healing and getting to the root of the problem. I learned that when we choose to ignore feelings/emotions, those emotions actually hide inside our bodies. 

Hello, Emotional Baggage!  It’s a real thing.

Remember I knew something was wrong, but couldn't describe it.   

Hey there! I'm SO glad you found me!

I'm Michelle. I help soul-centered moms like you regain confidence and increase energy. While discovering your authentic self and desires, so you can live the most adventurous life you can imagine

I didn't arrive here easily, though.
For years, I felt helpless inside my own body...I was so desperate for answers I was trying everything. I stumbled across this movement of women talking about living a holistic lifestyle. 

I began to integrate more holistic habits into my life. However, I quickly learned I fall under the Kinda Crunchy Lifestyle. 

It was on this journey of finding our balance between a holistic lifestyle and a modern lifestyle that I was introduced to Emotional Health.

What a relief, I felt. I began to realize that in the process of trying to keep other people from hurting me, I was shutting myself off from the world. 

My hope is that I can be a small part of normalizing Emotional Health. And making sure the medical field admits that Emotional and Mental Health are just as important as your overall physical health.  We need to look at the whole person and evaluate the Mind, Body, and Soul in order to deem people "healthy"  

 Are you ready to learn more? 
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Peace - Love - Hope


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