A little history about the Haman's Homestead Crew
Have you ever wondered if you are enough? Are you doing enough? Or are you screwing everything up? Do you have a great life but still find like you are missing something? Do you know you were created for greatness? Even on your worse day. I wasted many days having the same feelings. 

I have spent the better part of the last few years wanting something more. Or maybe just something a little different. I had to do a lot of souls searching if you will. See, I got lost in the world of mommyhood, a wife, working for a paycheck, oh and trying to make friends in a new town. #smalltownusa I am now discovering who I am. What makes me happy. What I want to do with the rest of my life. As much as I love being a mom and a wife, I am so much more than that. I was created with a goal in mind. I have talents and dreams. Now I am on my way to find them.  

my 3 kids playing on a playground

I have a life most people want. I have three healthy, (and good looking kids at that), a husband, house, cars, and a dog. After having our first child, I was given the chance to step away from my full-time career. This was a had decision but in the end. I can always have a career and make money, but I will never have the chance to be their mom again. So in 2005, I became a stay at home mom. Honestly, that didn't last long. 

I was driving everyone in the house CRAZY. I needed to do something. Preferably something I knew I was good at, so at the end of the day, I could see I did something. Now please do not get me wrong. Stay at home moms, WORK. A stay at home mom keeps the house running and completes more tasks in a day than most. All while keeping babies alive. This was new territory for me and I had no idea what a superwoman I actually was.  

my 3 kids standing in front of a water fall

It was only after having our third child that I discovered how incredibly awesome I really was. See our firstborn was a complete fussy butt. No matter what I did I could not get her to quit crying. I assumed it was something I was doing and that was a sign I was not supposed to be a stay at home mom. So I did what any normal person would do, I went back to my old job with my tail between my legs. Not really, they were happy I was back. I was completely fortunate that my employer allowed me to come back and part-time. A part-time management position was unheard of. #hardworkpaidoff- Three kids and 10 years later I am still able to only work part-time. See, I really can't complain. But I don't feel whole. 

Curtis and I sitting in queen and King chairs

Even with all that awesomeness going on. I didn't feel like I was living up to my fullest potential. I like routines and schedules, so I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would venture out into the unknown world of network marketing. 

So here's to a new chapter in my life. A chapter that I get to write. I am no longer tied down to the negative thoughts and emotions of what I fear to do. Am I still scared, yes? But more than that I am excited to see what our future holds. I want to build a foundation for our family that can withstand anything. I am not just talking about money either. My kids need to see what hard work and grit is. They need to see falling down and then standing back up. They need to see me walking in faith. 


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