White Lies

I wish someone would have explained thoughts and mind games to me a long time ago. I could have saved myself many years of misery. 

Here is what I know about little white lies. We still think that little white lies are saving us when, in reality, they are crushing our dreams and holding us hostage.

Remember when you were younger and got in trouble for telling white lies? You told yourself that it is ok because it is only one lie. Besides, it wasn’t a big lie. I am sure you remember what comes next. You would keep lying to cover the previous lie to cover the other lie. Only to end up with ONE HUGE LIE and no clue how it got this way. Not to mention what the truth was, to begin with. You can relate to a similar story, right?

Our minds work the same way. When you allow one negative thought or one false thought into your mind, our making room or more negative or false thoughts. (AKA little white lie)Before you know what is happening, the floodgates are wide open, and you are now drowning in lies.

You are so far in the deep end, and you can no longer tell the difference between what’s real and what’s false or made up. 

The words/thoughts/actions floating in your head are all so blurry you can barely make out what is going on around you. Everything is beginning to look like chaos. 

Here is where life gets tricky. Have you ever noticed that the louder someone is, the more attention they get? And the quieter someone is they most likely get overlooked?

This very tactic is how the lie gains more traction and begins the self destruction work on your mind and life. Look around all we hear and see is negativity. 

With women most often, the lies center around, not being enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough, or not liked.

You have the choice to decide how your thoughts work. Let’s choose to silence the negative thoughts so that the truth can rise up. That is the best way to gain control back. 

I don’t know which lies are floating around in that precious head of yours but, I would love to help you Tame Your Thoughts. It is time to stop believing the lies and start seeing the beauty in your life.


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