Is It True Your Child Will Absorb Your Vibe?
I believe that your children absorb your vibe. When you are experiencing any emotion your body emits a certain frequency or energy. Stay with me I know you think that sounds crazy.

Every emotion that you can imagine has a certain frequency or vibration in which it processes through your body. Happy emotions vibrate at a higher frequency range and unhappy emotions vibrate very little.

Let me explain this super quick.

Do you remember after you had your first baby those LONG exhausting nights? When you were up every few hours feeding or rocking your precious baby back to sleep. Only to hear her/him scream about the time you laid your head on your pillow.

Can you remember how tired and stressed out you were? How you literally would beg and plea for just a few short minutes of peace and quiet.

But instead, whenever you picked up your baby you were greeted with more screaming, more fussiness, more frustration. Let’s not forget to mention the tension building between you two.

Now, do you remember what the wise woman who walked before you once said?

You were so stressed and tired that your baby was feeling that stress come off of you. Your precious baby was absorbing your emotions.

Did you catch that?

What your baby was feeling was the emotion and the frequency that your body was letting off at that time. (Tired, Stressed, Anxious, Nervous)

When you feel an emotion that frequency is flowing through your body. Which is then projected out through us to our surroundings. We have seen this time after time. Unfortunately though sometimes we are reluctant to admit energy transfer or vibrating emotions is a thing.

If you haven’t experienced a newborn baby, maybe this scenario can help you understand better what is happening.

Have you ever walked into a room right behind a heated argument between a couple of people? Do you remember feeling the tension in the room? Ya, it's a real thing. Energy transfer or emotions vibrating.

Ah, now I have your attention. Here is the thing, this doesn't just happen with newborn babies and moms or when you walk into a room after a fight. That kind of vibration and frequency is permitting through your body all the time.

Remember how I told you emotions vibrate at different frequencies? The choice is yours.

You can decide to stay in a disgruntled grumpy state of mind. And that is alright, just know your body is literally going to live in that state also. So the vibe coming off your body is not going to attract people to you.

If you would like to learn more about emotions and frequency please reach out to me.

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